Is diamond strawberry still dating cisco

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Diamond Strawberry gets clowned on Twitter for standing by. After mere seconds, bygones are bygones and Erica is offering to host a baby shower for Amina. Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer. Added to the cast is Diamond Strawberry and Cisco Rosado. Diamond Strawberry is the daughter of Darryl Strawberry.

Cisco Rosado And Rich Dollaz BEEFING Over Diamond Strawberry. Before they can make any shower plans, Amina has to do the oblatory maternity photo shoot. SN UP TO RECEIVE THE LATEST NEWS FROM FASHION&STYLE. Richie D is now dating reality newbie Diamond Strawberry. for dating Diamond behind Cisco's.

Rashidah Ali Tells Cisco Rosada That Rich Dollaz Is Dating His Ex. Erica Mean and Cyn are starting a business together, but Cyn is more involved with her girlfriend’s Instagram drama with Chrissy. So, I love New York (the place, not the show…well, the show too. However, I’m actually cringing that I have, in fact, been to Babeland in the West Village. Mar 10, 2015. Love & Hip Hop Season 5 star Rich Dollaz totally broke the guy code when he “knocked off” Diamond Strawberry on Episode 12 “Mind Your.

Love & Hip Hop Recap Who's Canceled? #LHH - Reality Tea Cyn isn’t buying Erica’s elusive attitude when it comes to why Chrissy is coming for her on social media. And, as sad as it sounds, my friends and I didn’t realize what it was until we were in the door. Anyhoo, Yandy is meeting with Tara so they can dish on Yandy’s thwarted nuptials, Peter’s shadiness, and buy some toys. Love & Hip Hop Recap Who's. The relationship between Cisco and Diamond Strawberry. Amina has arranged a double date so she and Peter can dine with.

Meet Hot Headed Diamond Strawberry - VH1 In her mom’s defense, she did fly to New York to persuade her daughter to come home to Los Angeles. Dec 3, 2014. Diamond Strawberry insists she's a really sweet person, until you make her angry. who currently dates another LHHH rookie Cisco Basketball Wives'. Erica Dixon Says Scrappy Was Trying to Get Back Together with Her.

Love And Hip Hop New York' Cast Mariaynne Gets Cozy With. This guy clearly doesn’t want her in New York given that he won’t even let her come to his place until he gets “situated.” Diamond’s mom wonders if he needs to get another lady situated out of his apartment. Dec 31, 2015. It looks like Cisco and Rich Dollaz mht be sharing a 'Love & Hip Hop. up in the ultimate love triangle as newcomer Diamond Strawberry who is. Still, Cisco isn't too available himself as he's dating another new star, Mo.

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