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Site de rencontre ville de Longueuil The Ellissa Holding Company is principally owned and controlled by Jamal Mohamad Kharoubi and Ali Mohammed Kharroubi. Wire transfers orinating from the Ellissa Exchange totaling approximately ,747,524 were sent to United States accounts for the purpose of purchasing or shipping cars between in or about January 2007 and in or about January 2011. Transfers from Ayash, Ellissa and Others to the United States to Buy and Ship Used Cars 52. Couriers travel on these flhts and carry the undeclared cash with them in order to evade detection. Pour rencontrer un homme ou une femme célibataire de la ville de Longueuil. Site de rencontre à Longueuil, rencontre homme et femme Longueuil.

Rencontres -, le site de rencontre Between in or about January 2007 and in or about January 2011, the Ayash Exchange and the Ellissa Exchange orinated approximately 3,269,615 or more in wire transfers (the n Exchange Funds ») from’accounts held at LCB, Federal Bank, BLOM, and MEAB (collectively, the n Lebanese Banks ») to bank accounts in the United States for the purchase or shipping of used cars. Account holders other than Hassan Ayash Exchange and Ellissa Exchange initiated wire transfers totaling at least approximately 6,281,969 (the n Non-Exchange Funds ») to bank accounts in the United States for the purchase or shipping of used cars. For example, on December 9, 2010, three individuals who had traveled on a flht from Benin were arrested at Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. They were discovered to be carrying over .5 million in United States currency and €48,500. One of the individuals was carrying a business card for Ellissa Megastore, Ellissa’s car lot in Cotonou, Benin. Cash is also commonly transported out of Benin through the airport in Accra, Ghana, approximately 210 miles from Cotonou, Benin. Trouvez des célibataires de votre région sur le site de rencontre be2. 100% confidentiel. 10. site de rencontre; célibataire; mariage; test de. Benin 6,0 5.

Site de rencontre juif relieux Plainte du JUDGE HOLWELL JUDGE HOLWELL -x PREET BHARARA united States Attorney for the Southern District of New York By: SHARON COHEN LEVIN MICHAEL D. Through a combination of privately owned aircraft and maritime vessels, these organizations, predominantly based in Venezuela and Colombia, have transported hundreds of tons of e, worth billions of dollars, to West African nations such as Benin, , and Togo. The Ellissa Exchange, Ellissa Shipping Company, and Ellissa Car Parc in Cotonou 50. Rencontres rencontre beninoise LA SOCIETE RYTMICA SERA FERMÉE DU LUNDI. rencontres sérieuses dans le var rencontre homme pour mariage site de.

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