House of anubis nina and fabian are dating fanfiction

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Which House of Anubis guy is your soul mate? - Joy •Slowly Not Surely• "Joy, are still day dreaming about Fabian? Maybe you've got it all fured out. Either way, this test is going to show you whose the guy for you- Alfie, Mick, Fabian, Jerome or Eddie?

List of House of Anubis characters - pedia " My best friend Patricia questioned throwing a pillow in my direction. I tapped my foot trying to give him a hint on my impatience. I forgot to tell you, I'm busy with Nina this afternoon." I looked at Nina who had a relieved look on her face. The following is a list of characters from Nickelodeon live-action show House of Anubis. Fabian Rutteredit. Fabian Rutter is a resident at the House of Anubis and also Nina's on-and-off boyfriend. He has some feelings for Mara, becoming very frustrated when she and Mick start dating. When he learns of Alfie joining.

Jerome-House Of Anubis-Fanfic by MoreThanAnArtist on DeviantArt After being pelted with Spaghetti by immature 15 year olds, I left the kitchen and walked to corridor. I still Crush on him when i shouldn't be. Because nina has him. But He is just a distraction. from my real love." "So the witch has a crush on Nerd.

My House Of Anubis Fanfiction Part 29 - The House of Anubis. " Trudy yelled with a laugh as he left us in the middle of Alfie and Jerome's spaghetti war. " I squealed as a piece of spaghetti landed on my head. I took the sleeve of my shirt and wiped a piece of spaghetti off his shirt. The House of Anubis Fan fiction Article. Nina Sits next to Fabian, Patricia sits next to Piper, and Amber and Mara sits between Mick. Nina his dating Piper.

Fabina baby FanFiction "Nina" I mumbled throwing my backpack in my locker. " Amber questioned running her fingers through her silky blonde hair. I disappeared last year, she stole my boyfriend and-" "You never were dating Fabian, you need to remember that." Amber cut me off. "Well, either way, everyone, I mean everyone, likes Nina better! Nina returns to Anubis House along with another little member to the After Season 1 Nina and Fabian Just got together after prom, But when Joy comes back and stirs up trouble what happens?

House of Anubis season 4 fanfiction *********************************** I walked into the Anubis house where I live with eht others: Mara, Amber, Fabian, Patricia, Eddie, Nina, Jerome, and Alfie. KT won't be returning to Anubis House.""Mr. Winkler." After class, Fabian and Nina got in a conversation while Mara and Joy were talking. "So, how's your gran?" Fabian asked with concern.

Best Of Fabina FanFiction " I heared Nina and Fabian "arguing" back and forth. " I exclaimed as I threw my bag on the couch and sat in the arm chair. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Browse. ENJOY! Het Huis Anubis/House of Anubis - Rated T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters 1 - Words 2,275 - Reviews 6 - Favs 23 - Follows 4 - Published 2/8/2012 - Fabian R. Nina M. - Complete.

House Of Anubis and nina fanfiction Test QuizMoz - How well I mht have tried to maybe steal her boyfriend and write a blog to turn the whole school against her. You're probably asking ' What were your reasons? Welcome to the QuizMoz House Of Anubis and nina fanfiction Test. Because Amber was jealous. 10. Who plays Fabian on house of anubis? a. brad Jerome did to her dress. c. Who was her date. d.

Which <b>House</b> of <b>Anubis</b> guy is your soul mate? -
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My <strong>House</strong> Of <strong>Anubis</strong> <strong>Fanfiction</strong> Part 29 - The <strong>House</strong> of <strong>Anubis</strong>.
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Golden Eyes - Chapter 1 - Ripped_Untimely - <strong>House</strong> of <strong>Anubis</strong>.

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