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Colt Detective Special.38 CTG Help - Handgun Shts were fixed and consisted of a half-moon blade front and a hog-waller groove milled into the topstrap. I recently bought a 1951 Colt Detective Special.38 CTG. Join Date Feb 2008; Location Northwest Washington State; Posts 8,590.

Diamondback - ColtFever Built on the Colt .32 double-action frame introduced in 1893, the classic Police Positive was chambered in .32 or .38 Colt New Police (and their S&W counterparts, of course) and could be had with a 21/2-, 4-, 5- or 6-inch barrel. THE COLT DIAMONDBACK. The new Diamondback was built on the Colt "D" frame as used for the Detective Special. only with a single pin to retain it. Diamondback.

I Have A 1932.38 Caliber Colt Detective Special That Is The finish was nickeled or blued steel, and grips were checkered walnut with a gleaming white-metal rampant colt medallion. I have a 1932.38 caliber Colt Detective Special that is chrome with mother of pearl grips. It has never been fired. How sure are you of the date of manufacture?

Identity and Date of Manufacture of Colt The Police Positive’s virtues are many: It’s rugged, stylish and just about foolproof. I'm confused but it sounds like Colt Manufacturing is even more confused. I bought a. Detective Special Serial 992XXX age? Guys sorry to.

The Colt Detective Special 41 S - Dillon Precision Its faults are that it lacks adjustable shts (except for the Target versions), and fires cartridges that are a little on the pricey side and somewhat underpowered (.32 S&W Long/.32 Colt New Police and .38 S&W/.38 Colt New Police). DP S The Colt Detective Special at rounded. ” under a w nicknamed was of the er’s rear sht hined into es were in II, Colt made Detective ehind the

HKS Revolver Speedloader Colt Agent, Cobra, Still, the Police Positive gave rise to a family of collectible Colts, and by garsh, that should count for something! HKS Revolver Speedloader Colt Agent, Cobra, Detective Special, Diamondback 38 Special. Product Family #. Date expected in stock Overdue. Quantity.

Colt D frame revolvers. Colt D frame revolvers, Turn to the Rht The Police Positive saw the lht of day in 1905, when it debuted as an improvement on the old square-butted Colt New Police double-action six-shooter introduced in 1896. Colt D barrel Cobra 3".32 NP 154-56052. 0.00. No reviews · Colt D barrel Cobra, early 3".38 #154-56061. 0.00. No reviews · Colt D barrel Detective.

Colt Detective Special - Internet Movie Firearms Database. The Police Positive’s name sprang from its “positive” — that is, foolproof — internal hammer-block safety, a feature that had been conspicuously absent from its predecessor. The Colt Detective special has appeared in the. Air Date; The Andy Griffith Show. Colt's Manufacturing Company - A list of all firearms manufactured by Colt.

Colt Detective Special 6 shot Revolver Inside the Another improvement from the old New Police was the Positive’s .38 S&W chambering, a cartridge Colt cloned under the name of .38 Colt New Police. BLACK HOLSTER FOR THEColt Detective Special W/ Body Shield Colt Detective. lost one star because USPS delivered 4 days after scheduled delivery date.

Colt Guns - Colt Pre-War DA Revolvers - Page 1 - When I came out, the burgers had been stolen, but the revolver was still there. Colt Officer's Model.38 Special caliber revolver. Officers. Colt Detective Special.38 Special revolver. Grips are the Civilian “Colt” Rampant and 1892 date.

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