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Sherlock facts 22 things you didn't know, from the real Baker Street. All Hearts Are Broken A nice, well written and different fic where John marries Mary and Sherlock dates a German model… Measuring the Size of the Human Voice This short fic depicts a life where John and Sherlock can only say 167 words per day. Of a Castle, Dreaming A very cute and funny teen potter! Unfinished yet (6 chapters so far) sweet and really good potter references! lock crossover where John is reluctantly a wizard and Sherlock cannot comprehend this new knowledge and universe. Jan 1, 2017. As Sherlock returns to our screens, here are 22 curious things you mht not have known about the BBC series

Holmes the meddler. Fic Recs These are my favourite Sherlock (Johnlock) fanfictions that I have found and devoured, and now recommend. —————————————————————————————————————Performance In a Leading Role This is a quality fanfiction. A Study in Winning I found this yesterday and I have fallen in love. Fic Recs Fandom Classics - You know them and you love them, but they. to fake being boyfriends at each other Sherlock for Mycroft's sake, and John for Bill Murray's. Lovely dating, excellent character voice, and a fun plot to ride through.

Page 3 of sherlockbbcfic's trope_weht_issues/eating_disorder I add to this list as I read (80 recommendations so far) so I hope my explanations are enough to hold your attention. fics, fandom classics, sumptuous series and opulent one-shots, sleeping fics, bathing fics, potter! An incredible acting AU where John and Sherlock are cast in a gay (not gay) film and I won’t say anymore as I will want to read it all over again. Basiy if you’re a Wimbledon fan then you will LOVE this. I SWEAR you will not disappointed, because if you are, you are free to make me into shoes. Mycroft has an eating disorder and Sherlock ends up helping him through it, just like. He and Greg Lestrade have been dating for some time, and Mycroft knows he can't.

Mycroft x Reader. - Four Fandoms In One Brain The Long Drive This pure, manic crack that is fucking hilarious. AU where Sherlock returns from the dead to find John has a son, and he now lives by the seaside. Name I simply observed Pairing Mycroft x Reader Comment The reader is. She meets Mycroft, and Sherlock finally realizes that they are dating because.

Sherlock' Series 3 Let's Discuss 'The Empty Hearse' Telly Visions Just picture John, Sherlock and Lestrade on a road trip. The Green Blade(recommended by cloakstone69) I don’t normally enjoy case! I had slht suspicions about the serial er but all is revealed in the end, very cleverly! It is SO well written, and every scene with John and Sherlock makes me want to jump into their world and hug them because this is perfect. The Illusion of Free Will This is the best Sherlock x The Time Traveler’s Wife crossover I have read. Jan 20, 2014. Sherlock and Mycroft snark back and forth a bit about why the elder. We learn that the two of them haven't been dating very long at all, but.

Sherlock chatroom 5 - Mycroft x daughter reader by KimmieClue on. John and Sherlock have a blogging teenage daughter, with many laughs and a gripping storyline. Feb 14, 2015. Name has created a chatroom Sherlock has logged on Mycroft has. Mycroft Because You know You don't like the guys I'm dating.

Sherlock' Season 4 Finale Recap 'The Final Problem' TVLine Mad_Lori, the author of PIALR (mentioned above) and Alone On The Water, wrote this, so you will NOT be disappointed. Jan 15, 2017. Sherlock Season 4 Finale Mycroft We'll come back to that problem, but first, Mycroft is enjoying an old film in his home theater when suddenly.

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