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Laura Marano Worst Disney Channel Actors and Actresses. I know some of them are ugly but you know they read this stuff so do it say all you want but it won't make you feel better or her. Austin and Ally has the worst humor ever- it's always the same joke- and Laura is horrible at acting. View all comments about Laura Marano in our top ten list of Worst Disney Channel Actors and Actresses or. I bet he just hates having to act like they're dating.

Laura Marano Bio - married, net worth, affair, nationality - ArticleBio She try's and try's and try's and try's and she's good. Put your self in her shoes and see how that feels hmm. You know what that little piece of lht does it grows bger and bger. Can you become an actor, do you have stage frht, if your an actor people will comment on you. Didn't you learn anything at the end of the bullying episode. The show is problematic on its own, but Laura adds to it. May 14, 2016. Laura does not have a long dating history. She is very much focused on his work at present. Marano is reluctant on speaking about her.

Laura Marano Archives - Piper's Picks TV Celebrity & Industry. Bye and ..I hate how you fans everyone bullies because they don't like who you like. It clearly says "Worst Disney Channel Actors and Actresses." That obviously means if someone hates on an actress, they're not being bullies. Please shut up and admit that Laura Marano is NOT so pretty and NOT suck a talented actress or singer (AT ALL). I bet he just hates having to act like they're dating. You people who think she can't sing shut you PIEHOLE! She's suppose to be the smartest on the show, but she comes off rude, immature, and overall idiotic. She thinks she's smarter than everyone on the show and she can't even dance I love Laura. If she has no experience how is she suppose to play Ally. I mean she's so dramatic and tries to be sexy, BUT your JUST A LITTLE DORKY girl! LAURA MARANO Answers Piper's ROSS LYNCH RAURA Fandom. PQP #119 Laura Marano Talks about Austin & Ally Dating and Sings with Piper at.

Laura Marano Talks New Single 'Boombox' at 2016 Kids Choice. Next thing you know you'll not finish school and picking on people behind a building. Bullying would be saying that Laura Marano should die or burn in hell because she's horrible or something like that. All of you suckers saying that she is, and I quote, "SUPER SUPER SUPER pretty" are just defending her because you think you are the suck up, so good, nice twat, goodie two-shoes to save the day. I think her personality is annoying so that's why she got the part. Sorry, but name 1 song that Laura has written, NOT sung but written. She plays her character well She is so trying to be cool and black! Mar 14, 2016. Laura Marano Talks New Single 'Boombox' at 2016 Kids Choice Awards. We had a chance to speak with Austin & Ally actress Laura Marano this past. Ariana Grande's Dating Timeline From Graham Phillips to Mac Miller.

Austin & Ally Finale Laura Marano - TVLine And if you want to treat her that way then SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! She's a friend and try's to be like us cause she likes us and don't be haters. If you mean on the out side d an d and d deep and you'll find lht in all that darkness and if your a hater d, d, d and there's a little piece of lht. Laura is pretty don't say that she is not pretty, if she is not pretty than your not pretty. Is anyone else waiting for the day we hear a series finale commercial for it? Jan 10, 2016. Read what Laura Marano has to say about the series finale of Disney Channel's 'Austin & Ally,' which aired Sunday.

Braura Tumblr That is the PURPOSE of this list: to hate on bad actors and actresses. Xoxo - the Laura Hater Laura is PRETTY SUPER SUPER PRETTY. And you people who think she can sing shut YOUR piehole! Your not the boss of her and she can think what she can think is that clear? Stop it rht now stop saying bad things about other actors. Laura marano is an awesome singer so if you don't have anything good to say to that beautiful girl than zip it and I bet you can't even sing like her to be honest I can sing but not like her laura marano deserves respect Laura marano can sing better than me She really can't act. In the show she's always ditching Austin for better things and always being annoying to Trish. Austin and Ally is easily one of the worst shows on Disnry Channel, and I'm surprised it's still running. In their interview, they described Laura Marano as “Beautiful” “Lovely” “pretty” “effortlessly” “funny” “bubbly” all the things a girl would like to hear from a guy.

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