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Australian Federation of Employers & Voters also leave notes with specific inshts about how you’re coming across and advice for improving your impression. AFEI is a peak employers . Our employment law and HR experts provide advice and training desned to simplify complex employment laws and workplace regulation.

Dating Advice Don't Rule Out LinkedIn as a Way to Meet Singles. Putting photos on Photofeeler is safer than any alternative. Dating Advice How LinkedIn, Cyber Dust and other social media sites. Here is my dating advice column, published yesterday in Chicago.

LinkedIn's Series B Pitch to Greylock - Here is my dating advice column, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press: The Fine Line Between Business and Your Love Life by Jackie Pilossoph I attended a business networking meeting this morning where, when I first walked in, a crowd stood around a woman who was showing everyone her left ring finger. As all the women admired the ring and congratulated her on her recent marriage, I asked the million dollar question, “How did you two meet? Additionally, you’re surrounded by people who all have your same goal: grow your business. A great example is Linked In, a professional networking site which has more than 330 million members, who likely joined either to find a new job or make connections to improve their current job or business. My point is, what are you getting from joining a dating website that you can’t find on Linked In? This past May was the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, and while reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that no one gets to see the presentation decks for.

LinkedIn the Professional Dating Site laurachetcuti ” With a glow and a sparkle in her eye, she replied, “Of all places, at a networking meeting.” I was curious. My profile picture on LinkedIn is very standard. dumb enough to try and use LinkedIn as a dating site then I'd suggest he is using “The Million.

LinkedIn is not a dating site — Ask a Manager Like anyone else, I think that is a tough question. She replied, “No, a business networking event, just like this.” It actually made perfect sense. It’s business suits, skirts, hh heels, makeup and i Phones, versus ponytails, laundry, old jeans and diapers. If you're checking out profiles on LinkedIn looking for your next date, you have a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of what the site is for.

Australian Federation of Employers &
<em>Dating</em> Advice Don't Rule Out <em>LinkedIn</em> as a Way to Meet Singles.
<i>LinkedIn</i>'s Series B Pitch to Greylock -
<i>LinkedIn</i> the Professional <i>Dating</i> Site laurachetcuti
<i>LinkedIn</i> is not a <i>dating</i> site — Ask a Manager
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